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    The objective of the #StrongerHereford is to drive regeneration for long term economic and productivity growth. This is through three themes. Does your idea(s) fit into any of the following themes? Tick at all that apply:

    Urban regeneration, planning and land useEnsuring Hereford is a thriving place for people to live and work by attracting more people into our city centre by strengthening local businesses, improving Hereford as a place to visit, work and live, and celebrating our heritage and culture.

    Skills and enterpriseDriving investment and jobs growth and ambitions in Hereford by providing people, organisations and businesses with the space, education and skills they need to improve career opportunities, and nurturing new and local businesses to help them grow and succeed.

    ConnectivityDeveloping good local transport schemes that make it easier, safer and faster to travel in and around Hereford. Plus immersing Hereford in the new digital world, improving digital and technological capabilities to future proof our city.

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