Our project spotlight series continues with a look at Powerhouse. This professional theatre-making company is focused on developing creative talent in Herefordshire, in particular script-writing and acting.

Stronger Hereford is supporting Powerhouse to move to a new studio space which will act as a talent development hub for theatre and digital drama, as well as housing a remarkable new theatre library in the city. Young people will be empowered to create live theatre and digital content which tells their stories and reflects their experiences. It will be a place where creatives can come together to learn, share and experiment.
Tim Evans, artistic director of Powerhouse, explains more about the benefits of the project; “Our new studio will ensure Powerhouse’s commitment to developing creative talent in Herefordshire. This will be a space to nurture, inspire, and empower artists in the county.
With our brand new specialist library, it will be an incubator of new ideas and a new home for skills development. We can’t wait to get started!”