Hereford Skatepark is another of our 15 trailblazers!

It has a long-standing reputation as one of the friendliest and most inclusive skateparks in the country and will be adding more features to benefit skaters, both new and experienced.

Managed 100% by the charity Wheeled Sports 4 Hereford, the Skatepark has worked really closely with its community over recent years to develop the extension plans.

Additions will include a street course as well as a challenging ‘snake’ which recalls one of the much-loved features of the 1970s skatepark in Whitecross.

The extension will be designed and built by @betongpark_ltd who are at the forefront of skatepark design in Europe. It’s very exciting to have such a super skilled team on board!

It’s hoped that work will start in August, with a view to re-opening this winter.

In the meantime, the @boomboxskateshop is open for all your skating needs, with all proceeds being ploughed back into the skatepark.