Stronger Hereford is delighted to share news from Hereford City Council about the latest Stronger Hereford project to launch, read details below:

Hereford City Council is excited to introduce a groundbreaking addition to its transportation system with the launch of the Hereford City Zippers at the end of November 2023. These zero-emissions, environmentally friendly buses are set to revolutionise commuting in Hereford, connecting key locations within the city with unparalleled efficiency.

Key Stops for Seamless Travel

The Hereford City Zipper will travel through Hereford, stopping at Hereford Railway Station, city centre bus stops, Leisure Pool, Asda, Friars Street Temporary Library, The Courtyard, and Hereford Medical Centre. By promoting greener travel options, Hereford City aims to reduce its carbon footprint while enhancing the commuting experience for residents and visitors alike.

Frequent and Reliable Service

Committed to sustainability and convenience, the Hereford City Zipper Electric Buses will operate up to every 15 minutes Monday – Saturday and every 30 minutes on Sundays. This reliable and frequent service ensures that commuters can rely on timely transportation, fostering a greener, more accessible Hereford.

Part of Stronger Hereford

Hereford City’s Council initiative to introduce the Hereford City Zipper Electric Buses, operated by Yeomans Travel, is a proud part of the Stronger Hereford campaign, a collaborative effort involving 15 trailblazing projects aimed at transforming the city by 2025. These projects, generously funded by £22.4 million from the Government’s Towns Fund and additional match-funding, will create new opportunities across culture, sport, skills, growing, greener travel, and the riverside.

Get Involved

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About Hereford City Council

Hereford City Council is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for its residents. The introduction of the Hereford City Zipper Electric Buses is a testament to our commitment to environmentally conscious commuting and creating a more vibrant, connected Hereford.