Can you help us transform our city? The Stronger Hereford Board is seeking two Youth Representatives to help us create a green, fair, connected, digital and cultural future for Hereford.

We are looking for young people aged 16 to 22 who live, work or study in Hereford to join our Board. You need to be passionate about the city and keen to speak to your age group about Stronger Hereford to gain their opinions, so that you can represent them at Board level. Youth Representatives are required to join a monthly Board meeting  –  usually the first Friday of the month, from 8.30 to 10am at Hereford College of Arts.  In person attendance is encouraged although it is possible to join online if need be.

Stronger Hereford is a programme of 15 trailblazing projects, made possible thanks to £22.4m from the Government’s Towns Fund. We are midway through delivery of these projects so some have already launched such as the Hereford Zipper – a free electric bus service, the Skatepark extension and the new Hereford Cycle Track, whilst others are currently being brought to life. These include an exciting refurbishment of Castle Green Pavilion; an ambitious renovation of the city’s Museum and Art Gallery; the creation of a Digital Skills Hub at Hereford College of Arts and more, as you can read here.

Please note this is a voluntary position. It is a super opportunity to share your perspectives, build your professional network, develop a deeper understanding of how Boards operate and in particular a regeneration programme, as well as enabling you to enhance your skills and support your career progression.

All Board members are required to uphold Nolan’s seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.  The Board members are a blend of people from private, public and community sectors who all have Herefordshire in their heart. It is a mix of parents, students, educators, business owners, employers, employees, creatives and politicians. Stronger Hereford works in collaboration with Herefordshire Council and Hereford City Council, and each has one seat on the Board. The Board is supported by the programme managers Rose Regeneration and Orphans which provides professional communications support.

How to apply
Send an email to with a maximum of 500 words or a two minute video (quality doesn’t matter) in which you tell us about yourself, why you are interested in Hereford’s successful future, and why you think being involved in the Stronger Hereford Board would make a difference

Applications to be submitted by 5pm on 7 April 2024 (extended deadline).