News stories are one of the most reliable ways of communicating your key messages about your project – what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the impact it will have on Hereford.

Local media is one of the single most trusted sources of information – so the stories that get printed in newspapers and magazines, published online, or broadcast on TV or radio will influence the thinking of a wide range of communities and stakeholders.

There’s a high chance that press will cover your project in some form, so you need to be prepared. Journalists can become powerful advocates, but formidable critics too. Engaging with them proactively, and building those relationships, enables you to control the angle, tone and topic .

The Towns Fund Delivery Partner has produced some really helpful guidance to help you prepare, deliver and proactively engage with the journalists.

Download the guidance (PDF) here.

And if you’d like bespoke support or advice, get in touch with the #StrongerHereford Board’s communications working group via email: