The Wyeside Project is an initiative focused on transforming the experience along the riverbank between Hereford Rugby Club, Hereford Rowing Club and the Left Bank, making it a safer, more accessible, more attractive and entertaining space for residents, river users and visitors to the city.

Due to complete in spring 2024, the programme of work is well underway. Trees have been pollarded as part of plans to make the towpath wider and more accessible for cyclists and walkers, and CCTV has been installed along the route making it safer and secure for pedestrians and river users.

Future enhancements include a new pontoon as well as a crane to enable disabled persons access to and from floating vessels; it is also for launching and recovery of small boats and equipment. It is intended that the crane would also be used by the Fire & Rescue Service for emergency launches with a time saving of about 25 minutes over current launch times. Power points and a number of robust picnic benches are also due to be installed alongside the riverbank for use during community events.