Ideas pour in to make Hereford even better

As we move closer to preparing a TIP (Town Investment Plan), we still want to hear from you.

We’re working closely with expert consultants Rose Regeneration to encourage communities and businesses to put forward their ideas for projects that would boost the economy and people’s lives. So far more than 70 meetings have been held, 150 individuals contacted, and dozens of ideas shared.

You can use this website to have your say on what kind of city you want Hereford to be or get involved with our series of virtual meetings to discuss themes such as skills, inclusive growth, visitor economy, culture, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Lauren Rogers, chair of the #StrongerHereford board – whose members have been drawn from the private, public and community sectors – said:

“It’s great to have so many proposals and suggestions already.

“For me, it brings it home that people who live and work locally love this place, they care about Hereford, its communities and its future. After such a difficult year, it’s good to be reminded of that.

“We’ve got a few more weeks to gather all the proposals in before we look more deeply into which ones could be taken forward, so please, if you’ve got a big idea that you reckon would improve people’s lives or create local jobs and opportunities, get in touch.”

To get involved, sign up to one of our events, complete our survey or get in touch with one of the board.

What is the Town Deal?

Town Deals are part of the government’s plan to level up all regions by boosting productivity, skills and living standards.  

What does the board do?

The responsibility of the board is to engage with people who live, work and visit Hereford. Those ideas will be taken to Government in January 2021 to ‘strike a deal’ to fund local projects.