Shaping Hereford for the next generation

We’re now underway in giving people the opportunity to help shape Hereford with a potential £25 million. A series of events, promotional campaigns and engagement with groups across the city have taken place which will form the blueprint as the Towns Fund project accelerates.

Over 20 ambitious proposals have been received so far and we expect to see a surge in views over the next couple of weeks. It’s clear to see that there are themes showing that we’re passionate about our heritage and how we protect our environment in the future. There also lots of thoughts about how to improve skills and jobs, as well as better transport connectivity.  

To get involved, sign up to one of our events, complete our survey or get in touch with one of the board.

What is the Town Deal?

Town Deals are part of the government’s plan to level up all regions by boosting productivity, skills and living standards.  

What does the board do?

The responsibility of the board is to engage with people who live, work and visit Hereford. Those ideas will be taken to Government in January 2021 to ‘strike a deal’ to fund local projects.